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Welcome to our curated guide showcasing the pinnacle of Bordeaux’s hospitality – hotels with breathtaking rooftop experiences. Bordeaux, a city known for its timeless charm and exquisite wines, offers travelers the perfect blend of culture, history, and modern luxury. And what better way to take it all in than from the heights of a rooftop oasis?

In this handpicked selection, we present you with Bordeaux’s top hotels that have gone the extra mile to provide not only exceptional accommodation but also stunning rooftop escapes. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, our list will guide you to the finest establishments where you can sip wine under the open sky, gaze at panoramic city views, and revel in the magic of Bordeaux from above.

Each hotel on our list has been carefully chosen for its unique character, impeccable service, and, of course, its rooftop offerings. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat, a chic urban hideaway, or a vantage point for unforgettable sunsets, Bordeaux’s rooftop hotels have something special in store for you.

Join us as we unveil the best hotels that elevate your Bordeaux experience to new heights. Prepare to be enchanted by the city’s skyline and experience Bordeaux from a perspective that is as extraordinary as it is memorable.

Intercontinental Bordeaux le grand hotel – 300€ to 500€

Grandly situated in the historic centre of Bordeaux, this hotel has been welcoming guests for 200 years and with it’s 19th century decoration and furnishings and marble bathrooms, transports guests back to an era of opulence and elegance.All the 130 rooms and suites are elegantly designed to reflect the hotel’s history and yet provide the …

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